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Like a wise old warrior, Smolensk is on the western borders of the Russian land , guarding her mind. Located in the upper reaches of the Dnieper River in the vicinity of Moscow , Smolensk has repeatedly confirmed its status as the city - shield , a city- Key. Same age of Novgorod and Kiev , the glorious city of the seven hills was born and developed on the trade route "from the Varangians to the Greeks ." War did not avoid Smolensk party, and his name remains forever in history. However, fate has prepared a special Smolensk fate : on his land not only died , but were born and great people - brilliant composers, talented actors , painters , sculptors , writers and poets. Among them - Glinka , Yuri Gagarin , Yuri Nikulin , NM Przewalski , Isaac Asimov , A. Twardowski , S. Konenkov and many, many others.
Modern Smolensk managed to keep and carry through the centuries spirit of antiquity . A wonderful view of the city you will fortification , which, incidentally , is the third longest in the world ! Numerous monuments, memorials , steles , museums tell about events violently seething at the Smolensk land in the last thousand years!
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