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Smolensk Highlights

Smolensk is the one of the ancient towns in Russia.

The first settlements were formerly situated on the Trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks.  Smolensk kingdom used to be rich and prosperous at the time of intensive trade with Germany, Gotland, and Scandinavia. As a result, Smolensk has rich heritage for all future generations and is the ideal place for historic reconstructions. The Annual festival of Slovenian culture proves this fact and emerged our modern Smolensk life very naturally.

Smolensk is the Western gate of Russia located between Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

The closest airports are Moscow airports and Bryansk airport. The train connection is especially well scheduled in summer time when Moscow trains go to between many destinations in Europe (France, Germany, Virgin, Bulgaria, Poland, etc.)

Smolensk is the place of one of the longest Fortress walls in the world.

Just imagine! To retrieve the original length of the great wall in Smolensk 6000 people should stand together hand in hand.

Smolensk is the area of most intensive fighting of the Great Napoleonic Warand World War 2.

Annual festival of 1812 military reconstruction gradually gained high popularity in Russia. The festival takes place in the first weekend of August.

Smolensk is the residency of Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.

Smolensk land has very rare samples of monasteries and cathedrals as well as other sacred places that can be covered by our various tour programs.

Smolensk is the capital of Russian Diamond Industry.

Just as the European Amsterdam honors its diamond factory, Smolensk is well known in a business world as the Diamond capital of Russia with its 50 years of successful history.   Our travelers can make an advance booking for the factory excursion or buy special gifts in the Smolensk diamond branch downtown.

Smolensk land hosts the second race-track in Russia called “Smolensk Ring”.

This race- track is up to international standards, and can be used for any races with the exception of “Formula 1”. As noted by the race track’s configuration author, German architect Herman Tilke and the author of Formula 1, the highway is distinctive in its land geography on which it was built. The location that was chosen for the project has the longest acceleration of 575 m, interesting turns, and sudden height drops.  A significant advantage of the race track is that a part of the track is used for repair crew practice and the training of new race car drivers.Company Smolensk Travel is a partner of the race track on organizing the transfers, housing, and other services during the events on the race track “Smolensk Ring”.

Smolensk has its own tourist must-sees to experience Russia.

Our company gives the must to do’s list to make sure our tourist can make the most of travelling in Smolensk region.


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