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Tours to Smolensk, Russia, travel service in Smolensk, hotels booking and visa support

Tours in Smolensk

Smolensk - one of the oldest cities in Russia. It is located in the upper reaches of the Dnieper River, in the vicinity of Moscow. Modern Smolensk managed to keep and carry through the centuries spirit of antiquity. A wonderful view of the city you will fortification, which, incidentally, is the third longest in the world! Numerous monuments, memorials, steles, museums tell about events violently seething at the Smolensk land in the last thousand years!

The company "Smolensk Travel" offers a full range of travel services to care for adults and children's groups. On our site you will find a unique tours in Smolensk different subjects. The peculiarity of our programs - a great organization, accommodation based on the new and modern hotels, high-quality restaurant food, unique interactive tours for adults and children.

At your request, the specialists of "Smolensk Travel" will calculate an individual program based on any hotel Smolensk.
We have developed programs for 1, 2, 3 and 4 days. You can combine excursions with transfers and accommodation and catering group.


  • Tours in Smolensk adults, family tours
  • Tours in Smolensk for children 

The project is a tourist route "to the origins of Rus" bus tours are also composed of the Smolensk region, which include important facilities such as Boldin, Solovyov crossing, Talashkino, Novospasskoe.

The tourist route "to the origins of Rus" was developed in 2011 and includes in addition to the Smolensk region Pskov, Novgorod and Vitebsk region. In a single route united territory, which saw the formation of the first ancient state: Veliky Novgorod, Isborsk, Polotsk, Smolensk, Pskov, Vitebsk. Each of these cities has a rich historical and cultural heritage, reflecting all stages of their centuries-long development of the first historical mention until now.

The project «To the sources of Russia»

The company "Smolensk Travel" will help you discover the Smolensk region, penetrate into its atmosphere and originality!

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